My many adventures

Hi Folks, sorry I deleted my paragraph where I tell you all about all the places I've been to.
I'm blessed since surviving breast cancer, to travel around the world to some of the many places I've always wanted to go. There are lots more places I want to visit.
I've been to Scotland, England, Victoria BC, an Alaskan cruise, a fab Mediterranean cruise which took us to Barcelona, the Vatican & Rome, the island of Crete, Izmir & SulcukEphesus Turkey, Egypt and Malta. I have been to Las Vegas, Hollywood LA, Cabo San Lucas, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Tampa, a Disney Cruise to Bahamas and Disney's Castaway Cay island, all over Canada and Hawaii and Pearl Harbour. We can add Cozumel, Costa Maya, Mexico, Belize City and Honduras. What a fabulous way to see the world!
Take the time to do the things you want to do because life is too short and if you wait until you can afford it, you'll likely never go. So get your plans ready and pick a place and start booking your trip. It is so worth it.
Thanks for dropping by. I have lots of posts to put up so stay tuned...


Hi Folks! My daughter and her new husband went to their beautiful honeymoon to Calabogie Lodge in Ontario. The resort was all wood interior with two bedrooms and the master suite with a bed so big. Glad they enjoyed their first vacation ever! His brother loaned them his BMW which drove like a dream.

I still have a great deal of travel posts to put up. I want our vacations and travel to be shared with you all. I'm not sure of what our travel plans will be for 2017, but for 2016, I rested all the time. Retirement is so awesome!! I was able to take pictures of the summer's Totally Eclipse of the Moom, which I'll share with you here on a post. It was incredible for sure.

I had my annual cancer check up and everything was great! It makes me so happy unfortunately, my doctor had to retire due to illness and I am trying to get a family doctor. It is horrible when you don't have someone who looks after you and knows you.

So looking forward to the summer with fresh air & warm summer nights. Spring here is pretty good too.

Still trying to find my ancesters with the Foran/Forhan name. Apparently two brothers came over from Dublin, one was name Edward who had a son named Edward born in Prince Edward Island and he had a son named William who had my father. I love doing ancestry but it is very frustrating when you can get no further without the "parents" names.

I have so many posts to write about so please keep patience with me. I received a great posting from which looks to be a great animal site. Hope you enjoy it.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Carpet Making in Turkey on our vacation

It has taken me quite a while to find then download so many pictures of my vacations so that I may share them with you.

I have lots more pics of Barcelona, Rome, Turkey and Egypt and I must not forget Crete.  In Crete at Knossnoss's Palace, there were "naughty" pictures but after reflection, I realize that this is also history and I can't keep them from you.  When I post those pics, I expect I'll get lots of comments.

I wanted to show you the fascinating place in Ismir Turkey where they make hand-made rugs.  Rugs that we would pay a lot for.  I did find out that the workers there are in training, but the cost of the rugs is extremely high.  They will ship it anywhere in the world, but it was money I couldn't take away from my vacation. I hope you enjoy them.  The kids did.

House of carpets to the left & a big hillside.

This is a trainee and we are watching while she is actually making the rug
She showed us how she makes the silk to make the rug from silk worms.

This rug is in the process of being worked on.  It was awesome to watch.

This is the process that break down the silkworm to get the silk off.

This is the inside of a silkworm.  Hard to believe that the silk surrounding the little
unborn worm makes such beautiful rugs.

This is where she hooks the silkworms to begin the process of removing the silk.

This is little guy Rialey watching her intently.  I know he is wondering
if he can try it!

This is a back room of carpet already made and waiting to be sold.

Here are some displays of round carpets.

The owner is holding up some other carpets I asked to see.  Lovely work
but they should be paid more for their work instead of just trainee.

This is a finished piece of carpet that I really liked.  If it hadn't been so expensive
I would have purchased it.

Another amazing finished carpet that I would have like to have purchased.
Layla like this one too.

Another great work of art in carpet making.

Here is a display of many smaller types of carpets that were made.

This rug was a lot bigger, too much for me.  My guide is sitting down across the room.

This picture captures lots of carpets and us as we gaze around the room.

I Just had to see them all together to decide if I could get one and I
almost did, but the kids talked me out of it.  They wanted to make
sure I had money for our trip.  Good advice kids!

Here is Layla trying her hand at weaving the silk.  Pretty good.

Even little guy Rialey had a try at carpet making.  He was really interested in this work.

Here she is holding the silkworms as she slowly gathers them from the boiling huge pot.  She gets a
thread of silk and keeps pulling.  Amazing it is.

This is Constantine statue on the way down the mountain.

Driving view

You can see Ismir in the background.

This is a very mountainous region as we drove back down.

Small roads to maneuver as we drove

It was truly lovely in person as we looked in the distance and enjoy the view

There was something about this tree that I had to take a picture of.  What it was, I don't remember!!

The mountain, the greenery and sky were breathtaking!

As we got closer to the city and on our way to the House of the Virgin Mary.  I couldn't wait!

I hope you enjoy my pictures of Ismir, Turkey and the House of Carpets.  I have way too many pictures to put them all in the same post.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by.