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Hi Folks, sorry I deleted my paragraph where I tell you all about all the places I've been to.
I'm blessed since surviving breast cancer, to travel around the world to some of the many places I've always wanted to go. There are lots more places I want to visit.
I've been to Scotland, England, Victoria BC, an Alaskan cruise, a fab Mediterranean cruise which took us to Barcelona, the Vatican & Rome, the island of Crete, Izmir & SulcukEphesus Turkey, Egypt and Malta. I have been to Las Vegas, Hollywood LA, Cabo San Lucas, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Tampa, a Disney Cruise to Bahamas and Disney's Castaway Cay island, all over Canada and Hawaii and Pearl Harbour. We can add Cozumel, Costa Maya, Mexico, Belize City and Honduras. What a fabulous way to see the world!
Take the time to do the things you want to do because life is too short and if you wait until you can afford it, you'll likely never go. So get your plans ready and pick a place and start booking your trip. It is so worth it.
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Well hello everyone, after a year of being quiet. I retired last March 2015 and I just needed to unwind after so many years working hard. I know what you're thinking, " she had more time to blog and write", but I just needed to do "nothing" and that's what I did (except for taking care of the little guy Rialey who is only 13 and 6' 1", can you believe it!!! I still can't. He is doing great.

I have a great deal of travel posts to put up. I want our vacations and travel to be shared with you all. We went on a Disney Cruise after we stayed in my home resort of Silver Lakes in Kississmee. Last year we travelled to Tampa and took a Western Caribbean Cruise then stayed over a week in Tampa. My next big trip is getting organized for next year to Ireland. I hope to get my posts done in the not too distant future.

Well be on the look out for my various posts. I also have a few products I want to write about as well.
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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Halifax's Buildings of Old

Hi Folks, it has been a while but I have lots of posts to post so I hope you have patience with me and read my exciting adventures!

I just had to add these beautiful old buildings of Halifax.  Some really bring back great memories.  Lots of our history is now gone and torn down.  It is sad really, to think we pushed aside our heritage so quickly for the modern when in fact, Halifax is known for its historical history.

When I was young, Barrington street had little streets coming off it which lead directly into Halifax Harbour so a concrete fence stopped kids from falling into the harbour.  People use to fish right off these side streets.  Many of the old buildings are lost and some of them were what we would now fight to own.  I'll point this out when I get to those pictures.  Many of the wonderful houses were on Brunswick Street and other lost streets.

When I was a little girl, we had three schools:  St. Patrick's boys school; St. Patrick's girls school which had nuns as teachers, then we had the junior high school beside the other two schools.  The teachers here were regular teachers and it was in grade 7 that we no longer were required to wear school uniforms.  We were so happy!  Now, the schools were torn down and a new one built, with the exception of part of the Boys school.  The "new" school is now is bad repair and is no longer a school and the city decided to sell it.

On Gottingen Street, it was THE place to shop.  It was beautifully decorated during Christmas time.  It had Mitchell Furs, Glube's furniture, New York Dress, Kline's, the Met and French Pastry.  We boasted four fabulous movie theatres, now are all gone.  Two theatres on Gottingen Street were the Casino and the Vogue.  We went to these movie places every Saturday.  They were beautiful!  On Barrington Street, the Capital Theatre was the most incredible theatre which had a full knights uniform in the window.  It use to scare us little kids a lot.  The Paramount theatre was just down the street.  What a loss to Halifax.

I love sharing Halifax's history especially our historic buildings.  We need to keep and cherish what we have left.  I hope you enjoy my post and pictures.
Thanks again
The building is our Legislature and the Film Industry is having a Rally to protect cutting of the Film Industry's tax credit.

This beautiful mural was painted when the old buildings were torn down on Barrington across the street
from St. Paul's Church

This is the inside of St. Paul's church 

Old homes on North by Gottingen Street.  They use to build homes to fit in spaces.

More homes on North Street near Argricola Street.

Gorgeous home on Gottingen Street.

More homes on Gottingen Street.

Beautiful St. Mary's Church on Spring Garden Rd near Barrington Street.

Old and still a Bank of Nova Scotia

Old building of the RCMP HQs before it moved up to Oxford St and are now relocated to Burnside Park.

Lower Water Street and George Street.  This looks out to the harbour with Timothy the Tug Boat in the background.  The building on the right is now Waterford Crystal.  It use to be Fishermen's Market. Lots of fish were sold from here right from the ships. 

Old Morse's Tea building and you can see the white lettering near the top where it use to read, Morse's Tea. I do have those pictures which I will post another time.

Historic properties  around Hollist Street and Lower Water Street.

Historic Properties

This building now hosts the fabulous restaurant The Baton Rouge.  Really great food here.

This overpass replaced the two lanes on Barrington Street

This is the beautiful CBC Radio building.  They no longer use this building, but what a great history.  It is across from the Public Gardens on the corner of Sackville and South Park Streets.

This old building is located in historic Citadel Hill Fortress.  They hold events here now.

Halifax's first high school

View of the south end of Brunswick street

Our Town Clock

Halifax Town Clock

This was New York Dress then Glube's and Mitchell Furs

This is an old Victoria home on Gottingen Street.  Lovely place to retire.

Home on North Street

These old homes are on North and Robie Streets.

This building was the Morse's Tea building. When Dal Art Tech took over, they painted over the Morse's tea sign.
Haligonians were very upset.

Riding down Hollis Street

This is one of the last old homes on Barrington Street

This is the second last home on Barrington Street.

These buildings are on Queen St and near South Street

This old home is on South Street and my great gr father use to live in it.

This is one of the old beautiful homes on Brunswick. So few left

This is the Old Dutch Church on Brunswick Street which is a heritage site now. It even has a graveyard.

Old Dutch Church.  See the buildings in the background, they replaced the old beautiful homes on
Brunswick Street and Barrington Street.

This is a beauty on Brunswick Street. You can see the space before the home where they tore down more
of these kinds of beautiful homes

This is the front of the beautiful old home on Brunswick Street.  What a loss for Halifax.

This was the home of the Nuns.  I use to get a big pot of coffee each day from here and walk across the street to
the St. Pat's Girl's School for the Nun teachers.

Homes on Brunswick Street

Buildings on Barrington Street as seen from St. Paul's Church parking lot.

Here is a closer look at these old buildings. Many buildings to the left have been torn down

This is the historic Carleton Hotel, now a fabulous restaurant.

This home was on the Bedford Highway but was torn down to make way for a road up to the Larry Utech community.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Beautiful Martinque Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada

Folks, this is one of the loveliest beaches anywhere.  The beach stretches for miles.  The soft sandy beach where one can lose themselves if they want to, just waits for people to enjoy the peach and tranquility while the pounding waves crash briskly against the shore.

Recently I had to drive to Martinque Beach to "save" my ex who lost his house and car keys somewhere in the long sandy beach.  No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find them.  He was in a panic when he called me so I started up the car for the long trek down the beach.  Martinque Beach is about 50 minutes outside of Halifax, on the Dartmouth side.  It is quite easy to get to, just get on Main Street in Dartmouth and go straight until you can't go any further.  Main Street turns in the hwy 107.  Once you're at the end, go right and you'll see a Museum Train Caboose and a small strip mall across from the train.  At the end of the strip mall, turn right onto the street there which also has a sign Martinque Beach.  The drive along this road is long but what beauty you see and smell!

The summer salt air swirling around my face and nose, while the gentle breeze blew my hair.  I had all the windows open to capture the entire essence of the beach smell.  Along the way, I saw a small wharf with a boat tied up.  I took the picture so I hope you enjoy it:

The sun was still shinning and the seagulls were doing their screeching as they looked for food.  The road is narrow and twisty.  Beautiful homes are now scattered throughout the drive down as well as older weathered looking homes.  It appeared I was travelling downward, as I had to look down to see the water.  Finally I did get to a level area as I drove and I knew the beach wasn't far ahead.

There are plenty of water and washrooms for the public.  There are numerous sections of the beach so it looks like it has one beach after another.  You can stop along the way (before getting to the actual end) and choose which parking area you'd like to park then get ready to walk the ramp and head to the beach.

Please enjoy my short, but lovely day at Martinque Beach, I know you'll enjoy it too.

The walk way to the beach is lined with wood.

This is the look as I walked back to the car.

Stunning, with the waves rolling up to greet me.


Looking down, you see the miles of beach for all us beach goers.

A family getting ready to go in the water.  Someone is already in the water.

Endless beach.

The walk way takes you directly unto the beach.

Someone people are just loving sitting on the sand as the breezy, salt water fills their nostrils.

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